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Give Back.

“If you want to lift yourself, lift up someone else.” 

- Booker T. Washington.

Many studies suggest that giving back can actually boost your overall life satisfaction. I couldn’t agree more. 

Here are some recent activities I am doing for my community:

Liliana Cerilo

I serve as President of the Board of Directors at the Beauty Bus Foundation. I'm privileged to lead an organization dedicated to delivering love, support, and compassion to seriously ill patients and their caregivers through beauty services. If you're interested in volunteering, I'd be delighted to chat. For those looking to make a difference in other ways, any amount you can donate is genuinely appreciated
Donate here.


I had the honor of attending the Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund Inaugural Gala. The theme of Portraits of Strength and Resilience emphasized the incredible power that comes from storytelling, allowing us to meet trailblazing women solving the world's toughest challenges.   

Attended the California Spirit Fundraiser, to celebrate the American Cancer Society's progress in the fight against cancer.

As a champion of diversity and inclusion, I also try to embed myself in the Latinx community inside and outside of work, because as many have said, “if you can see it, you can be it”. 

This is how I am contributing in this space:

By helping to educate the next generation…

Liliana and the Anahuac University students
  • Panel speaker at Culver City High School (mostly minorities) on “Creating My Own Tech Future”, Mar 2021

  • Hosted the Anahuac University students (from Mexico) and led a panel on “How to have a career in tech”  - 2018 and 2019

  • Teach 1st-5th graders how to code using CS First “Anima un Nombre” curriculum. 

  • Girl Scout of Greater LA, 5th year as Cookie Chair, troop #03985, teaching girls how to be Entrepreneurs who manage their own cookie business since 2018.

Liliana and the Anahuac University students

By building community in the workplace

As a first generation Latina, Liliana is well aware of the many challenges other women, and Latinas go through as they try to climb up in their careers. Many times she’s been the only Latina at the table, and although she understands there is power in that, there is even more power when you understand your role, when you know the power of your voice and know how to use it to lift yourself and others, despite who is sitting next to you. 

This is the way she gives back, by doing!


  • Recurring mentor to young professionals

  • Co-pioneered the Latinas@Google Summit, Sept 2019

  • Brought together more than 500 women from across the organization for the first time. The group is now over 1K women strong at Google.

Liliana with Dolores Huerta

Liliana with Dolores Huerta

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