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Liliana Cerilo

Innovate. Inspire Action.
Give Back.


Hi I’m Liliana.

Liliana Cerilo

By day, I'm the Chief Marketing Officer of Lexica, a Semantic AI company that produces end-to-end business software using natural language. This exciting role comes after a rewarding decade at Google. By night and anytime in between, I share my stories and industry experiences to inspire action and give back. I’m also a mom of three!



My Services

Liliana speaks at numerous events, conferences, roundtables, fireside chats and keynotes, providing tangible frameworks and fundamentals to help inspire action. She covers various topics around technology, leadership, personal branding, innovation and her career journey as a Latina in the corporate/tech world.

Liliana Cerilo


For 20+ yrs Liliana has worked with brands on strategy development, uncovering human insights, leading brainstorm sessions & workshops as well as solving their most complex business challenges while working in Miami, New York and recently in Los Angeles. She specializes in both the Mainstream and Multicultural markets.

Liliana Cerilo

Inspire Action

I am a firm believer that inspiration comes not from talking about a topic endlessly but by showing the actions you have taken and the impact it has created. 

Liliana and Dolores Huerta

Give Back

Many studies suggest that giving back can actually boost your overall life satisfaction. I couldn’t agree more. 

Liliana Cerilo
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